About Us

NBA is a full service, one-stop government and public affairs consultancy company specialized in outreach to all levels of local and national government, bureaucracy, public and private companies and media.We are proud of the very high credibility of our name at both political & bureaucratic spheres and private sector all over Turkey making us a trusted partner for our clients
Why to Work with NBA
NBA enables you to anticipate, define and solve key issues that are vital to achieving your business objectives.NBA provides its clients with access to the information, knowledge and understanding4
How We Help
Our uniqueness in enabling foreign business enterprises to maximize bottom-line effectiveness and achieve corporate objectives in Turkey ascend from our extensive experience in the policy making process, our ability to maintain excellent relations with policy makers and creating a tailored made strategic approach to our client’s needs.Enabling our clients to formulate efficient and effective strategies to meet the unique challenges associated with doing business in Turkey through our extensive experience in the policy making process