NBA is one of the few consultancy companies accredited and appointed by the Undersecretariat and it continues to give consultancy services to Turkish companies for Turquality.

TURQUALITY® is the first and only state supported branding program. The Program aims to determine the leading Turkish brands that have branding potential on global basis and to provide strength to these brands toward becoming a global brand. The program supports the firms and brands by providing consultancy services regarding the strategies, operation, organization and technology, which will guarantee their development.

This can be also considered as a platform that provides support to the firms in all of the relevant processes including production, marketing, sales and after sales services in order to develop their managerial and corporate know-how and guarantee for them a powerful position in the international market.

Besides providing financial resources to the firms, Turquality gives training to the management divisions in order to strengthen their human resources. It also provides intelligence support to help the firms in making proper attempts in line with the current market information and the global branding potential of Turkish firms is emphasized.