Success Stories


Case 1: Steel Service Center investment in Turkey

Lobbying, Problem Solving

Although the Company had have bought the land and agreed with a contractor to establish a new Steel Service Center they were having problems both with the municipality and the contractor.

At the point that they have decided to sell the land and move the investment to another country, NBA was introduced to the Company through their respective country’s embassy.

NBA has lobbied for the Company in Ankara, solved their problems with the local administration, assisted the Company for all bureaucratic procedures and negotiated the discrepancies with the contractor.

As a result the company has invested in a 60million USD plant and is still successfully active in Turkey.

Investment: 60 million USD


Case 2: Military tender for defensive vehicles

Lobbying, Profile Raising, PR, Strategic Consultancy

Consultancy, Public Relations, Public Affairs and Lobbying Services.

Investment: 230 mio USD+250 mio USD Offset

The Company was interested in participating to a very large and important military tender. Altough they had a representative in Turkey their chance was not even minor as their competitors were long established in Turkey and had already won many defense contracts, thus in a good position for this tender too.


–       Established the strategy

–       Led a powerful PR campaign

–       Carried out a consistent and constant Lobbying both on government and the military

As a result, our client have won the tender

Value: 230 million USD


Case 3: International Project Management

Joint Venture, Company Match-Making, Due Diligence

Project coordination of a consortium formed by 11 partners;

Private Sector, NGO’s, Universities from EU and Turkey

NBA was responsible of finding the right consortium members necessary for the project. The difficulty was in the necessity of numerous members in diverse sectors/spheres.

As a result the consortium has won the tender.

Project Worth: 5.5 million Euro


Case 4: Foreign Finance and Partnerships

Market introduction, Profile Raising

The international company active in providing foreign finance and partnerships was willing to enter the Turkish market.

NBA has established a market strategy, has organized seminars together with Turkish Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

As a result the Company has acquired 15 Turkish clients at their first year and provided them foreign financing or investment partners.

After their successful market implementation, the Company is still operating in Turkey.


Case 5: Unfair Competition

Lobbying, Strategic Consultancy

The Turkish company was facing unfair competition by other companies that were importing Chinese goods as European goods through changing their origin to avoid paying anti-damping taxes.

After NBA’s long and exhaustive lobbying campaign including informing and training the authorities new legislations have been approved at the parliament, customs have been made vigilant and aware of the problem.

As a result, most of the unfair competition has been prevented and NBA’s services still continues


Case 6: Pharmaceutical

Public Relations, Lobbying

This international pharmaceutical Company had very negative image at and relations with the administration, ministry and authorities.

NBA has lobbied and created a PR campaign for the Company towards government offices, authorities and the administration.

As a result, the Company has established closed and good relations with the authorities. Finally, as part of the strategy, they have created a new department as Official Relations at their Ankara office under the supervision of NBA.


Case 7: Call Center

Market Research, Market Implementation, Strategic Consultancy

Marketing and General Consultancy

This international call center company with an offshore office in Istanbul serving only foreign countries was willing to also service the Turkish market.

NBA successfully implemented a strategic plan and introduced the Company to many public and private companies.

As a result, the Company has expanded to two other cities beyond Istanbul and is successfully continuing its operations.