NBA’s key strength is Access to information & Authorities

Quickest access to the right information and related authorities.

NBA facilitates and fastens your decision making process thus lowers your costs.


NBA’s one-stop Guidance and Assistance services cover all aspects of a successful strategy and implementation (before, during, after) for achieving your objectives in Turkey. Its multilingual teams have the global perspective and local tactical knowledge to allow clients to create and apply winning strategies wherever they do business in Turkey.

Our expertise spans sectors from energy, defense, healthcare, tourism, finance and pharmaceutical to real estate and telecom.

As a source of business, political, legislative and cultural information, NBA provides unique expertise in these fields and contacts. NBA’s unrivaled degree of familiarity and credibility drives from over 20 years worth of already-established relationships with policy makers, high level bureaucrats & politicians, business and media spheres. This enables us to reach the decision makers quickly and efficiently, enabling to open the right doors for our client’s goals and problems.

When you come to NBA you will see that we work with you at the outset to fully understand your business objectives before creating a strategy to deliver pre-agreed results. We offer the best public affairs and government relations expertise, as well as an in-depth understanding of the business environment, allowing us to develop and implement results-focused strategies.